Austin TX USA

I grew up in a big city with lots of shops around. Visiting the shops ad checking everything in there was one of my favorite things to do.  Growing up and working as a web developer/marketing/social media advisor encouraged me to see lots of e-commerce websites. That’s where the idea came to my mind to have an e-commerce store and find the best products for people.

The key to have a successful e-commerce store is to have quality products and happy customers. In a theory, if you have quality products you will have the potential to make happy customers.

We started Flex 6 in 2019 in Austin TX because we wanted to help all the customers out there. We knew it was sometimes hard to find stores with the best products so we had the idea of making it easier for my buyers. My daughter and wife are the other people who are also on my team. We  handpick our merchandise and guarantee that whatever we have in our store is the best on the market. Our goal is to make ALL of our customers feel secure when they’re shopping on our store, to know that we have picked our goods carefully.

Flex 6 will always have the best products.  We stand behind all our products. Your satisfaction is our top priority. We do our best to source products that are high quality and we will continue to source products that meet and exceeds our customer’s expectations. We aim to provide you with quality products for an amazing price, don’t look any further, we have everything you need right here!